Link Building – How To Get More Inbound Links For Your Website

Building links is one of the most important parts of having your website. However it’s not the most glamorous parts of having a site that is live. If  you don’t have links pointing to your site somewhere then very few people will know about or visit your site.

How do you get inbound links?

Quite often you will get inbound links by asking for them. The way you ask for them will make all the difference. Don’t just send hundreds out as this will be classed as spam and will get you into trouble and the chances of someone saying yes will be very remote.

A good way to get these links is to search for the small directories that can be found all over the net. These are sites that list and classify sites for free. Although, now some are charging for this service.

Don’t dismiss these sites but do keep a note and it may be worth taking a second look at a later date as funds become available.

Keeping good records of sites you have links from and sites to take another look at will pay off over time.

Many of these sites will have a comment about a site or even a description. Another way to get inbound links is to write articles and then submitting them to article directories.

For example there is Ezine Articles which is possibly the most well-known of these directories.

You don’t have to have a degree in English to use these sites but you do need to be able to put your thoughts into words which becomes easier with practice.

If you get stuck for an idea about an article then these directories will be a great help also. All you need do is to visit an article directory and read a few articles and as you read make a note of any ideas for your article.

However never copy a full article unless you intend to keep the authors details as they are. I think that most authors have read several articles from articles directories and found inspiration for their own articles.

Posting in forums is also a good way to get links back to your site. You should aim to make your posts of good quality so the moderators and owner know and trust your posts to be on topic and of value.

Both the owner and moderators are busy trying hard to keep spam out of there forum. When you add quality to a forum it is good for you and also for the forum and you will see that the users will come to trust what you say.

7 Quick and Easy Tips for Building Backlinks to Your Website


It has been said that links are the life blood of the internet. Over the years a lot of marketing methods have come and gone there are a few that have lasted the test of time. Links have remains a constant as a way of getting visitors and search engines to your sites.

It follows then you would want as many as you can to link back to your site and the more relevant to your site they are the better.

There are quite a lot links and programs out there today. The terms you may hear are.

  • One Way Links
  • Do Follow Links
  •  No Follow
  •  SEO Backlinks
  •   Link wheel

And many others that I haven’t mentioned. If you are new to these methods they can be a little over whelming and even if you have heard a few of these you may still not grasp the full idea.

So we shall make this a little easier we will take a look at 7 ways to build your links to your main site. I would like you to think of links in this article a link is a link for the time being.

Commenting on Blogs

This method is possible the most well known to most people and is possibly the easiest way for you to start building links back to your site.

You just need to find a site that is relevant to your own and make a comment. Please note when making a comment keep it relevant. Try to make it a comment that will add to the site rather than one that could be called spam as this will be appreciated by the owner and not get it deleted.

Building Squidoo Lens

People seem a little scared about this. Before doing this I would suggest that you take some time to visit and see a few of the pages that have been created. The time spent on this will help when you want to create your own page.

It is a simple to create your Squidoo Lens you will find that it is mostly a drag and drop method. It is not as technical as people would think. It can be done in about 20 minutes or even less with a little practice.

Commenting on Squidoo

This is very similar to commenting on blogs and the same rules apply. You could build up quite a reputation just by spending time doing this. If you provide valuable information you may find that other people will also link to it.

Article to Directories

This is a very good way to get links back to your site. It sounds an easy option but like many other methods it requires time to build quality content and article directories are very strict about what they will allow you to submit to them. When other members post your article you will have a link back to tour site.

Guest Author

Article and comments on other sites are a good way of getting links to your site. Then being a guest author at another site is a great way of developing backlinks.

This method not only gets you a link back to your site but will help to develop you in to someone who really knows their topic.

Bookmark It

Bookmark your site on social media such as Facebook. Adding this option to your site will help with back linking as people who find it informative will post a link to it and share with their friends.


If you can help someone in a forum it will provide a link back your site. In most forums you will be allowed to post a link in your signature or profile. Every forum is differnt and have different rules so please check out their terms.

When posting in forums try to keep it relevant to the forum and post quality information. The owners spend a lot of time deleting spam from them but not many people object to finding quality information on their forum and they will appreciate it.

Well I hope that this has given you a few ideas to get backlinks you are looking for. So now all you have to do is to go out and start building. Y

You should have a daily goal in mind when starting link building as this will help with your likes. You should aim for an amount that you feel comfortable with and is achievable.

Benefits of Using Link Wheels for Search Engine Optimization

There are quite a few things to think about when you are starting a website. There is quite a lot more when developing your site than just creating it.

No one wants there hard work or the time spent on building to be wasted. The success of your website is usually measured by the number of unique visitors it receives.

One of the ways to more visitors is to rank highly in the search engines. One of the methods you can use is by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques such as building your own link wheel.

Think of link wheels as a wheel and the spokes as links to other web sites that link to each other. The early link wheels used a link to link to the next one with the final one to your main website.

Wheels developed later used your main site as the hub page and each of the other pages would link to another as well as a link to the main site.

Today link wheels have been dropped as a way of linking sites together. However the idea remains a very good way to link between sites. Randomizing your links to appear more natural.

One of the benefits is that it will aid you in increasing your sites search rankings. One factor in search engine ranking is the number of links back to a site. The link wheel system is designed to provide you with a number links to your web site.

A effective link wheel will give you twelve or more links to web sites and a major part of these links to your website. This will grab the attention of the web crawlers used by the search engines.

While your main aim is to attract search engines it also as an effect of attracting visitors which should be your main objective.

For example let us say that you are surfing the web and social media sites for a specific topic and you come across an article related to that topic and it links to a site that offers more on your chosen subject you most likely visit that site or even book mark it for visiting at a later time.

Remember that back links are not the only factor used by search engines in ranking sites. The methods used by the search engine are generally kept secret, but if you visit there terms you will not on most if not all will say that the quality of the information is very important.

If we take a look over the past few years every time Google makes an update they always point to the quality of the information and if we look at those sites that seem always in the results offer quality information.
Using link wheels on their own won’t guarantee your web site will climb up the rankings; however it will increase your chances. Link wheels as part of an SEO strategy will help greatly improving your sites rank

The Success of Using a Link Wheel

The link wheel system is designed to help you get more traffic to your website.  Your website may be your blog or even your company’s website.

It doesn’t really matter what your website is about as all websites must have visitors to survive without these visitors it will not survive for long.  If you have spent any time reading any article relating to increasing traffic to your site you will have seen this phrase Content is King, and this is still true today.

You should aim to provide your readers with high quality and useful information this will help build up regular readers.  If you don’t provide this then when reader’s visit they will soon leave and make the time spent building your link wheel a waste of time and effort.

Build a Great Website and Then Support it With a Link Wheel

When you have built your website you will need to start your link wheel to help you support your site. The quality of your site is essential that it be of high quality.  This will also help with your sites ranking as it will show as a quality site.  If you check with most search engines will tell you that they are looking for quality rather than quantity.

Quite a lot of people spend a lot of time trying to get as much as possible done to get there site up and running and build their link wheel built.  If you try and get everything done at once you will neglect the quality of your content.

I would recommend that you take the extra time creating quality and not quantity.  This will show in the number of visitors to your site and even in how long they stay.

Use Authority and Avoid Being Spammed

Using high quality content will help show your expertise and even authority to the search engines and your readers.  This will in turn show in your rankings.  You need to make sure that the backlinks in your link wheel don’t look like spam.

A website in a link wheel can contain backlinks that link to another web site in the link wheel however not all sites in your link wheel should have two backlinks.
If you create too many links it will interrupt the pattern of your link wheel and will also get your site flagged as possibly being spam.

When you create your link wheel make sure that the backlinks to sites that have similar topic.  You should aim to have between one and four link to your main site in your link wheel.

To learn more about Link Wheels

How To Build A Link Wheel

One of the best ways to get your website noticed is to have other websites to link back to your site. However this is not always easy.

If you don’t have a high enough page rank or even no page rank for people to link back to  you.  A good way is to create a link wheel that is relevant  to you and have a do follow links.

What is a link wheel ?

This is a group of sites such as Blogger, WordPress or even Hubpages just to name a few that  have content that may have relevant content and provide a backlink to your mailn site

To create a link wheel you can do the following.

  1. One of the first things you should do is to write an article, it doesn’t matter what it’s about. This is to simply create a template for your other websites. You will need to avoid copying and pasting your articles as this will cause problems with duplicate content and will cause problems with search engines and your ranking.
  2. After writing your article you should choose a few sites that you plan to create posts on. Your link wheel can be as complex or as simple as you want to make it. After choosing tour sites you wish to post on you will need to create an account with each of them.
  3. Now post your article on your chosen sites. Each of your posts should have one link that goes back to your chosen website and one that links to your other posts that you have created.
  4. After you have created all your articles and have linked them you may want to link them to social networks such as Facebook. I would like to suggest that all your articles be original and well written.

To learn more about Link Wheels

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